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Audience: Homepage


Posted by: Kellie Hoover
Published: 3/29/17

Audience: Athletic Boosters and Homepage

Join us for a FUN event, the COLOR FUN RUN on April 22, 2017.


Posted by: Terri Rego
Published: 3/23/17

Audience: Athletic Boosters and Homepage

DEADLINE: April 24 at midnight


STUDENT: Senior Student Scholarship Application 

COACH: Senior Scholarship Recommendation


Purpose: To provide a scholarship opportunity for up to four (4) graduating senior athletes. The amount awarded will be determined each calendar school year by the Athletic Boosters Board and dependent on available funds. 


  1. Athlete must be a graduating senior planning on attending college.
  2. Athlete must have been a team member in good standing for one year/season.
  3. Athlete must have a minimum 3.0 GPA in Junior and Senior years.
  4. No outstanding school debts.
  5. Recommendation from athlete’s coach.
  6. Membership in Athletic Boosters/or contributor to Athletic Boosters Club desired.


  1. Athlete must complete the application and essay requirements.
  2. The Athletic Director will verify the Athlete’s GPA.
  3. A Scholarship Selection Committee will review all applicant submissions blindly and select the winners. The selection committee members will be comprised of up to four individuals: the Athletic Director, one Athletic Boosters Board Member, and one sponsoring representative per award. In the event there are more than two applicants with the same score, a Dougherty Valley High School administrator will make the final selection. 
  4. No selection committee member shall have a senior student eligible for the award.
  5. Final selection will be based on weighted criteria: Essay & Application 130 points and Coaches recommendation 100 points.
  6. Winners will be announced at the Annual Senior Awards Ceremony (May 24, 2017).


  1. Two $1000 Scholarships and two $500 scholarship will be awarded to graduating seniors who most clearly demonstrate strength in the areas outlined in the essay requirements.  While our intent is to award a scholarship to a male and female athlete, the scholarships will be awarded with consideration to qualifications and not gender.   
  2. The awards will be sent directly to the college selected by each of the award recipients. 
Posted by: Terri Rego
Published: 3/23/17

Audience: Anti-Bullying - Not in Our School, Club HEART, CSF, DECA, Digital Photography Club, DVHS HOSA Chapter, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Future Physicians of America (FPA), Habitat for Humanity Club, interact 2016-2017members, Key Club, Leo Club, Model United Nations, National Honor Society (NHS), Project SmARTS, Red Cross Club, Team HBV, UNICEF, VIP Campaign, WiSTEM and Homepage

Hello Wildcats!


Here is the PRELIMINARY list of clubs approved for the 2017-18 school year. There are two tabs, one that lists CURRENT clubs and one that lists NEW CLUBS. If your club is not listed in the spreadsheet, your application probably has an issue. Please stop by Room 4102 during lunch on Thursday or Friday (3/23 or 3/24) to receive your application so you can fix these issues. Please do not come last minute since there are many clubs that have issues as well.


The final club list will be posted on Friday, March 31st. 


Please, we repeat, please DO NOT email Mr. Bowen or any Committee members personally if you have any questions. Please stop by during lunch on the specified dates to ask these questions. 


LINK | tinyurl.com/DVHSCLUBS1718


Thank you and have a wonderful rest of your day!



DVHS Clubs Committee 16'-17'

Posted by: Andrew Chuang
Published: 3/22/17

Audience: Homepage and Homepage

Students are required to attend school before and after an AP test.  In order for your student’s absence during the AP test to be considered excused and marked accordingly (ACT) they must be present in the class following a morning AP exam or present in class before their afternoon AP exam. California’s compulsory education laws require children to attend school, with a limited number of specified exceptions. Under state law, a pupil who is tardy or absent for more than 30 minutes during the school day on three occasions in one school year, is considered truant. Any classes missed outside the testing time will be marked as a cut. 

Posted by: Kim Vaiana
Published: 3/20/17

Audience: Homepage

Hey Wildcats! 


This is your chance to get to know your 2017 Mr. Wildcat Contestants. Submit a question for the guys to answer during the panel portion of the show. 


Tickets are now on sale! The show will take place on March 30th in the Theater at 7pm. Tickets are going quickly so make sure to purchase yours soon! 


Hope to see you there!

-The Mr. Wildcat Committee 

Posted by: Kylee Kim
Published: 3/20/17

Audience: Homepage

Have you ever wanted to see what it's like to be a Police Officer?


Click on this application for more information!

Posted by: Victoria Felix
Published: 3/20/17

Audience: 2016-2017 Interact Board, Build a School, CSF, Future Physicians of America (FPA), interact 2016-2017members, Red Cross Club, UNICEF and Homepage

Hey Freshmen of DV!


Do you want to be recognized, or do you know a freshman who you want to recognize? Fill on the google form below or attached to nominate yourself/ a peer so that person can be featured on the DVHS Class of 2020 Instagram. If you are selected to be featured, you will be called in during an access period to be interviewed. Freshman Feature Friday is a great way to recognize your peers and learn more about your classmates! There will be a lucky Freshman who will be featured EVERY Friday! This is open to all Freshmen and is highly encouraged... fill out the form now! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact the Freshmen Officers.


Freshman Feature Friday Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfnHHzuA8Hv4siacZ1e9TcTtWfZYBQYpaY0y0sAFSUHtW3UrA/viewform?usp=sf_link

Posted by: Rabail Abbas
Published: 3/15/17

Audience: Cooking and Gardening Club, Digital Photography Club, DVHS HOSA Chapter, FIDM Fashion Club, Future Physicians of America (FPA), Future Practicing Physician's Network (FPPN), Girls Who Code, Make a Wish, Micro-Finance Group, Model United Nations, National Honor Society (NHS), Pakistani Students Association (PSA), Red Cross Club, UNICEF and Homepage

Hey Red Crossers! It's that time of the year again, Merchandise Sales! This year we will be selling crewnecks, windbreakers, water bottles, and Graduation Sashes! 

In order to buy merchandise, it's simple! Fill out the attached forms and attach the check/cash amount to the form when turning in your form. Checks can be made out to "YEB Red Cross."

These order forms were given out at the March Meeting, and will be collected at the April Club Meeting.

We hope you all buy merchandise this year!

Posted by: Miral Abbas
Published: 3/14/17

Audience: Computer Science Club, CSF, Science Alliance, Speech And Debate, Team HBV, WiSTEM and Homepage

Hey Wildcats!


My name is Ruchir Baronia, and I am a member of the San Ramon Teen Council. In order to get input from San Ramon teens like you, the Teen Council regularly releases surveys. This month's survey is a quick, 2 minute questionnaire about teen issues and possible interest in an event about voicing out thoughts.


All of your feedback is greatly appreciated! The survey is attached.



Posted by: Ruchir Baronia
Published: 3/13/17

Audience: All Grades and Homepage


Posted by: Jeanne Scheppach
Published: 3/11/17

Audience: CSF and Homepage

Hi CSF Seniors!


If you filled out the interest form for Senior Regalia, we have a list of the regalia you'll receive here (search for your name with Control+F):




Highlighted Yellow: no regalia (0-3 semesters)

Highlighted Pink: Life member (4-5 semesters)

Highlighted Blue: 100% member (6+ semesters)


**Semesters of active membership are based on numbers according to CSF records, not Google Form responses


If you would like to appeal your stated level of membership/number of active semesters, please Loopmail Harini Rajan, Michael Yao, or Mika Sonnleitner BY MARCH 31ST. No appeal requests will be accepted after this date.


If you have 0-3 semesters of active membership: you will not receive any senior regalia.

If you have 4-5 semesters of active membership (Life member): you will receive a seal on your diploma, a Life Member certificate, gold tassel, and gold cord.

If you have 6 or more semesters of active membership (100% member): you will receive a seal on your diploma, a 100% Highest Honor Member certificate, gold tassel, gold cord, and gold stole.


Reminder: to have active membership during a semester you should have turned in

1. a complete application (application + webstore receipt + transcript with qualifying grades)

2. completed 10 hours of volunteering

3. completed 1 or 2 activity points (1 activity point for Freshman/Sophomore year, 2 activity points for Junior/Senior year), 4. Attendance at every meeting.


Thank you!


Posted by: Mikayla Sonnleitner
Published: 3/3/17

Audience: Colors for Charity, DVHS Archery Club, Future Physicians of America (FPA), Red Cross Club, Vagabonds&Co, Wildcat Tribune Club, Writer's Circle: Seasons Magazine and Homepage

Hey there!


Need volunteer hours? Are you an ethnic dancer?


Contact Nikhita Dodla on schoolloop or ndodla@gmail.com for a chance to perform @a charity event in San Ramon and get hours for it!

Posted by: Nikhita Dodla
Published: 3/3/17

Audience: Homepage and Homepage

AP Chinese Language and Culture Exam - SRVUSD students who are NOT currently enrolled in the AP Chinese Class at their high school are given an opportunity to test on May 19, 2017.  Available seats are limited to 30 with priority given to upper class students.  Exam fees apply with a reduced fee for qualified students.

 If you are interested, please CLICK HERE to be placed on an interest list by February 28.  You will be contacted with next steps afterwards. 

Posted by: Kim Vaiana
Published: 2/7/17

Audience: Homepage


Report to room 4102 on the day of your interview. Bring your project with you and please be on time.


If you have an interview during Access, your name will be on a list sent to teachers. You will not need to get a pass.


If there are any issues with your interview time, please contact an ASB officer: Sheerin Khan, Jake Echsner, Caitlym Lui or Supriya Ravishankar.


Good luck!


Date Time of Day Time Applicant
Wed 2/15 Before School 7:30 Jessie Tsang
Wed 2/15 Before School 7:36 Amber Hisatomi
Wed 2/15 Before School 7:42 Nicole Yan
Wed 2/15 Before School 7:48 Meera Bathwal
Wed 2/8 Before School 7:54 Jasmine Ofodu
Wed 2/8 Before School 8:00 Laci Lamela
Wed 2/8 Before School 8:06 Brianna Huffmaster
Wed 2/8 Before School 8:12 Tahne Kariguddaiah
Wed 2/8 Before School 8:18 Isabelle Zakheim
Wed 2/8 Before School 8:24 Noah Banoub
Wed 2/8 Access 12:22 Aima Maqsood
Wed 2/8 Access 12:28 Xavier Colemam
Wed 2/8 Access 12:34 Cameron White
Wed 2/8 Access 12:40 Kathryn Moore
Wed 2/8 Access 12:46 Ashley Mitchell
Wed 2/8 Access 12:52 Adithya Ramanan Iyer
Wed 2/8 Access 12:58 Alina Maqsood
Wed 2/8 Lunch 1:04 Sarah Russell
Wed 2/8 Lunch 1:10 Hamayl Cheema
Wed 2/8 Lunch 1:16 Samantha Goldstein
Wed 2/8 Lunch 1:22 Cheryl Shin
Wed 2/8 Lunch 1:28 Aliza Nazir
Thu 2/9 Access 12:22 Blake Moore
Thurs 2/9 Access 12:28 Anish Makkapati
Thurs 2/9 Access 12:34 Lilia Kazerooni
Thurs 2/9 Access 12:40 Raneen Abi Amara
Thurs 2/9 Access 12:46 Nivedha Konath
Thurs 2/9 Access 12:52 Isabella Weiss
Thurs 2/9 Access 12:58 Kristen Ma
Thurs 2/9 Lunch 1:04 Grace Choe
Thurs 2/9 Lunch 1:10 Feivel Matthieu Oflas
Thurs 2/9 Lunch 1:16 Heba Wajahat
Thurs 2/9 Lunch 1:22 Veronica Gutkin
Thurs 2/9 Lunch 1:28 Isabella Chaves
Tues 2/14 Lunch 12:40 Hudson Price
Tues 2/14 Lunch 12:46 Leila Amiri
Tues 2/14 Lunch 12:52 Micol Zhai
Tues 2/14 Lunch 12:58 Arjun Patel
Tues 2/14 Lunch 1:04 Joshua Arciaga
Wed 2/15 Before School 7:30 Akshat Patel
Wed 2/15 Before School 7:36 Lily Adlin
Wed 2/15 Before School 7:42 Celine Wang
Wed 2/15 Before School 7:48 Kaitlyn Said
Wed 2/15 Before School 7:54 Valarie Lee
Wed 2/15 Before School 8:00 Julian Torres
Wed 2/15 Before School 8:06 Sihyun Na
Wed 2/15 Before School 8:12 Kimberly Shum
Wed 2/15 Before School 8:18 Shubham Tikku
Wed 2/15 Before School 8:24 Ashley Gilbreth
Wed 2/15 Access 12:22 Justin Neri
Wed 2/15 Access 12:28 Gavin Richard
Wed 2/15 Access 12:34 Srivatsan Srikanth
Wed 2/15 Access 12:40 Erin Ku
Wed 2/15 Access 12:46 Jordan Vogel
Wed 2/15 Access 12:52 Bryan Liu
Wed 2/15 Access 12:58 Soniya Gaikwad
Wed 2/15 Lunch 1:04 Brandon Pham
Wed 2/15 Lunch 1:10 Divija Maitra
Wed 2/15 Lunch 1:16 Connie Deng
Wed 2/15 Lunch 1:22 Anisa Chaudhry
Wed 2/15 Lunch 1:28 Matthew Jew
Thurs 2/16 Access 12:22 Mirabel Saikali
Thurs 2/16 Access 12:28 Dounia Guermas
Thurs 2/16 Access 12:34 Ashley Wong
Thurs 2/16 Access 12:40 Ryan Kang
Thurs 2/16 Access 12:46 Helana Gendy
Thurs 2/16 Access 12:52 Elizabeth Lee
Thurs 2/16 Access 12:58 Tanya Kapur
Thurs 2/16 Lunch 1:04 Emly Chae
Thurs 2/16 Lunch 1:10 Sabar Sherdil
Thurs 2/16 Lunch 1:16 Shannon Zheng
Thurs 2/16 Lunch 1:22 Sana Bharadwaj
Thurs 2/16 Lunch 1:28 Braeden Fong
Fri 2/17 Lunch 12:40 Zafir Chowdhury
Fri 2/17 Lunch 12:46 David Wong
Fri 2/17 Lunch 12:52 Neha Banerjee
Fri 2/17 Lunch 12:58 Brendan Flynn
Fri 2/17 Lunch 1:04 Bijan Kazerooni
Tues 2/21 Lunch 12:40 Sydney Leonard
Tues 2/21 Lunch 12:46 Siddhi Rajan
Tues 2/21 Lunch 12:52 Akanksha Pandey
Tues 2/21 Lunch 12:58 Bianca Zhou
Tues 2/21 Lunch 1:04 Justin Santos
Wed 2/22 Before School 7:30 Jordan Wirgler
Wed 2/22 Before School 7:36 Shallom Omotayo
Wed 2/22 Before School 7:42 Keran Ghuman
Wed 2/22 Before School 7:48 Rohit Anumula
Wed 2/22 Before School 7:54 Elias Yar
Wed 2/22 Before School 8:00 Samantha Frias
Wed 2/22 Before School 8:06 Victoria Kramer
Wed 2/22 Before School 8:12 William Brega
Wed 2/22 Before School 8:18 Alexander Ching
Wed 2/22 Before School 8:24 Jadelyn Hills
Wed 2/22 Access 12:22 Esha Bhattacharya
Wed 2/22 Access 12:28 Julien Santos
Wed 2/22 Access 12:34 Aushmitha Grewal
Wed 2/22 Access 12:40 Alyssa O'Brien
Wed 2/22 Access 12:46 Vaishnavi Ravi
Wed 2/22 Access 12:52 Guoyong Wu
Wed 2/22 Access 12:58 Chloe Tan
Wed 2/22 Lunch 1:04 Nikki Parikh
Wed 2/22 Lunch 1:10 Tarra O'Malley
Wed 2/22 Lunch 1:16 Vaibhav Naidu
Wed 2/22 Lunch 1:22 Emily Reimer
Wed 2/22 Lunch 1:28 Hanna Saleh
Thurs 2/23 Access 12:22 Evan Siu
Thurs 2/23 Access 12:28 Ashley Argaza
Thurs 2/23 Access 12:34 Furqan Mohammed
Thurs 2/23 Access 12:40 Ananya Goyal
Thurs 2/23 Access 12:46 Harini Adivikolaru
Thurs 2/23 Access 12:52 Giselle Helding
Thurs 2/23 Access 12:58 Daniela Puig Ruiz
Thurs 2/23 Lunch 1:04 Emily Chae
Thurs 2/23 Lunch 1:10 Joshua Lee
Thurs 2/23 Lunch 1:16 Joanna Sun
Thurs 2/23 Lunch 1:22 Christiana Kaniaru
Thurs 2/23 Lunch 1:28 Gorang Gupta
Fri 2/24 Lunch 12:40 Sejal Govindarao
Fri 2/24 Lunch 12:46 Esmerai Serralde
Fri 2/24 Lunch 12:52 William Bried
Fri 2/24 Lunch 12:58 Seung Yoon Shim
Fri 2/24 Lunch 1:04 Francine Moira Oflas


Every applicant must also participate in the Aquapalooza Spirit Days (listed below) and check in during lunch in the quad each day during the spirit week. Let an ASB officer (listed below) know if you will be absent any of the days.


Aquapalooza Spirit Days (2/13-2/17)

  • MONDAY- Water those

    • Crazy socks and shoes

  • TUESDAY- I shore love you

    • Valentine's Day: Dress in pink and red. Free hugs and kisses.

  • WEDNESDAY- Reusable Water Bottle Day

    • Bring your water bottle to school and come get a free Aquapalooza sticker in the quad during lunch!

  • THURSDAY- Providing clean water for Decades

    • Each class dresses from a different decade.

      • Freshmen: 60’s

      • Sophomores: 70’s

      • Juniors: 80’s

      • Seniors: 90’s

  • FRIDAY- Drowning in the DV Pride

    • Big Blue Friday/ Blue out


Please contact your ASB officers (Sheerin Khan, Jake Echsner, Caitlyn Liu, or Supriya Ravishankar) if you have any questions.


Good luck!



Mr. Bowen // DVHS Leadership

Posted by: Mr. Bowen
Published: 2/2/17

Audience: CSF, DECA, DVHS Biology Club, DVHS HOSA Chapter, Future Physicians of America (FPA), Future Practicing Physician's Network (FPPN), Mission Life, Red Cross Club, Science Bowl, Science Olympiad Club, Speech And Debate, UNICEF and Homepage

Hi everyone,


There is an American Heart Association club informational meeting tomorrow in Rm. 9106 (Mr. Steele) at lunch. 

American Heart Association is a nonprofit organization that raises awareness for combatting heart disease.

This year we will have several fundraisers to raise money for this organization and will have several other activities.

Please come by to learn more and sign up for these activities.


-AHA Officers

Posted by: Amogh Gomathinayagam
Published: 9/28/16

Audience: Education Fund, Fundraisers, Parents, PTSA, All Grades, Parents, Staff, Students, Teachers and Homepage

We have arranged Bootcamp for SAT and ACT and also PSAT Prep classes. Please click here for details.

Posted by: Lak Ming Lam
Published: 8/8/16