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Wildcat Academics

Grade Weighting & GPA

Starting with the second semester of the ninth grade, a  Grade Point Average (GPA) appears on your transcript.  The cumulative GPA is the averageof all courses since the beginning of the ninth grade.  DVHS transcripts show the total weighted, unweighted, and College Prep weighted grades. To compute the weighted Grade Point Average (GPA):

  1. List each of the semester grades
  2. Convert the letter grades to numbers, as follows: 
           General Classes A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0
           Advanced Placement/Honors A=5, B=4, C=3
  3. Add all of the numbers
  4. Divide by the number of semester grades {P (Pass) or NM (No Mark) are not used in computing a GPA}
    Course Grade Points
    English A 4
    Spanish B 3
    Honors Social Studies  C 3
    Art A 4
    AP Math B 4
    Science C 2

       5.  20 /6 = 3.33 weighted GPA

Grading Policy

All teachers at DVHS agree to use a common grading scale:

A 93 – 100%
A-  90 – 92%
B+ 87 – 89%
B 83 – 86%
B- 80 – 82%
C+ 77 – 79%
C 73 – 76%
C- 70 – 72%
D+ 67 – 69%
D 63 – 66%
D- 60 – 62%
F Below 60%

Our goal with sharing this course information with students and families is so that they can make well-informed decisions during the course selection process. Dougherty Valley wants to see students select courses that they are truly passionate about and have a course load that is manageable for them.