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Parent Night Presentations

Incoming Senior Parent Night class of 2021- Presented 2/24/20

 Incoming Junior Parent Night class of 2022- Presented 2/26/20

 Incoming Sophomore Parent Night class of 2023- Presented 3/2/20

 Incoming Freshmen Parent Night class of 2024- Presented 3/4/20

Wildcat Counseling Newsletter

Support Staff

Kathleen O'Grady - Registrar

Dina Sotelo   - Counselor Tech

Jane Ramponi   - Secretary

Counseling Office Hours:

7:30 - 4:00

Fax: 925-479-6486

Wildcat Counseling

Wildcat student resources for while you're away from school

Summer Message from Counselors


Greetings from the DVHS Counseling Department!

We hope you had a great school year despite the challenges we have faced due to Covid-19. Counselors will be out of the office on summer vacation until early August. We will not be responding to emails and phone calls during the summer break.

Here are a few important pieces of information and resources for you:

For information about remedial summer school, there is more information on the SRVUSD website: 

High School Summer School

For information about taking a non-district course this summer, please review the SRVUSD website: Non-District Courses

Final Transcripts (DVHS 2020 graduates)-If you have changed your school of choice since senior checkout, please email our registrar, Kathleen O’, and she will send your final transcript on your behalf.

Any schedule change requests must be submitted via the online form that will be available on the DVHS Counseling website in August when we return to school. We will not take requests via phone or email.

We hope you have a restful, rejuvenating summer! We will see you in August!


Your DVHS counselors

Counseling Department FAQ

The most frequently asked questions of the counselors.

Thank you!
The DVHS Counselors

Weekly Updated Articles On Counseling Topics

Want to stay informed on all things counseling related? Parenting Articles, College Advice, Teenage Angst, Mental Health and more? Click here for the HS Counselor Week !

Transcript Request Process

If you need a transcript please email DVHS Counseling Secretary 

Jane Ramponi with the following information:

Student name

Date of birth

Year of graduation 

Indicate either official or unofficial in your request

Mailing address to be sent

Purpose of your transcript


Final Transcripts (DVHS graduates)-

If you have changed your school of choice since senior checkout, please email our registrar, Kathleen O’, and she will send your final transcript on your behalf.

How to submit spring/summer coursework for placement on DVHS transcript:

Upon completion of a non-district course, students must submit 1) an official transcript AND 2) an Application to Place Credit on SRVUSD Transcript.

  1. Official transcripts can be mailed to the attention of the Registrar at DVHS or emailed (directly from the institution) to

  1. The Application to Place Credit form can be sent via email or regular mail to our registrar

The due date for spring and summer coursework is September 15, 2020. Both the transcript and application must be submitted no later than 9/15/20. Late submissions will not be accepted.



Contra Costa Crisis Center

Contra Costa Crisis Center:

Available  24/7

Crisis & Suicide: 


or text HOPE to 20121





Teens Helping Teens - Connect, talk, get help!

Cameron’s Collection

42 mental health titles, written for teens to help navigate a variety of mental health topics. 

Students are able to access these on any electronic device and checkouts are anonymous, so students are able to maintain privacy.


Naviance Student

Click HERE to log into Naviance Student

Naviance Classroom Presentations

Need to see your counselor?

Updated Counselor assignments for 2019-2020

Counselors are assigned to students by their last names or special programs.


***Liana Wong is out on leave through the end of the 2019-2020 school year. In her absence, her caseload will be divided as follows:

A-Ber: Robyn Blackburn

Bet-Bran: Haley Hertz

Brar-Burr: Carrie Fox

By-Carr: Meagan Sellers

Cart-Chak: Sarah Campbell

Chal-Chan: Rajni Nijjer

ELD: Jessica Coulson

Liana Wong

Grades 9-11: A-Chan

Grade 12: A-Ce

Grades 9-12: ELD

Rajni Nijjer

Grades 9-11: Chand-Gau

Grade 12: Ch-Guo

Carrie Fox

Grades 9-11: Gav-Kat

Grade 12: Gup- Lal

Grades 11-12: College Connect

Haley Hertz

Grades 9-11: Kau -Mis

Sarah Campbell

Grades 9-11: Mit-Poc

Grade 12: Lam-Nah

Grades 9-12: AVID

Kelly Cushner

Grades 9-11: Pod-Seng

Grade 12: Nai-Sha

Jessica Coulson

Grades 9-11: Senti-Tra

Grade 12: She-So

Meagan Sellers

Grades 9-11: Tre-Z

Grade 12: Sp-Z

Grades 9-12: Academic Enrichment