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Disneyland Trip

Disneyland trip

The Disneyland senior trip is May 10-11, 2019. You can find all of the info you need, including registration info, at this link.

The senior officers have a flier Disney 2019.pdf (PDF) available, but you DO NOT need to fill it out and turn it in. The online registration is the same as the flier. Again, the flier is just for information and they can be picked up at the bookkeeper's office.

You DO NEED to turn the attached signed forms in to room 4102.

More info will be send out soon. Contact your senior officers if you have any questions.


Class of 2019 officers:

Grace Choe

Hamayl Cheema

Francesca Apaya

Noah Banoub



Registration Link

DVHS Permission Form

DVHS Code of Conduct