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SRVUSD Partnership with Alt School
Posted 5/15/19


The San Ramon Valley Unified School District is pleased to announce a new partnership with Alt School, a technology-based learning environment that supports teachers in creating personalized, project-centered learning experiences for students. SRVUSD will be piloting the Alt School model with Health and World Geography curricula in 2019 summer school. This fall, SRVUSD will extend the pilot to other classes and schools.  


The Alt School platform was created with the intention of transforming teaching and learning by focusing on creating learning environments that meet the following criteria: competency-based, personalized/relevant/contextualized, learner agency, socially embedded and open walled. Through the Alt School platform, teachers can develop their own online school curriculum, tailor assignments to individual students and set personal goals for each student. It also provides an easy way for teachers to share curriculum with colleagues.


This pilot is part of SRVUSD’s overall efforts to provide personalized learning for all students.