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APUSH Summer Assignment
Posted 6/13/19

Incoming APUSH students!


Welcome to US history 1450 to present! This summer your APUSH teachers would like you to read Chapters 1-3 and be ready for the following:

Day 1-2 of the class year: we'll be going over the syllabus, the exam, our classroom policies and the like.
Day 3: Quiz on Chapters 1-3. For this quiz only you will be allowed to use notes. These notes need to be in your own handwriting and you will turn--attached to your quiz. These need to be your own, not a copy of something you find online. The quiz will also include an full-length SAQ to which you will not be able to use notes. 

Be prepared, this class moves fast, reading is expected, and you will need to participate on a daily basis. Weekly participation points will be given.