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Board Brief June 1, 2021 Board Meeting
Posted 6/2/21

Action Taken in Closed Session


The Board made the following administrative appointments effective July 1, 2021:

  • Angie Corritone - Assistant Principal, Monte Vista High School 

  • Katherine Nolda - Assistant Director, Special Education

  • Zetta Reicker - Director II, Child Nutrition and Warehouse

  • Hong Nguyen - Director II, Educational Equity

  • LaTonya Williams - Director I, Human Resources (Classified)


Reports to the Board


Strategic Direction

Presentation by Superintendent Dr. John Malloy

DRAFT Strategic Plan - Where students thrive in innovative and inclusive learning environments.

Dr. Malloy began the presentation by reiterating the District’s timeline for adoption of the Strategic Plan. The plan is centered around the concept of the District’s commitment to “the whole child.” The three strategic direction areas of Equity, Social Emotional Well-Being and Deep Learning/Innovation are interconnected and focused around supporting all students, all within a culture of responsiveness, effective governance, shared leadership and effective stewardship of resources. 


Dr. Malloy emphasized the importance of our school sites and department leadership owning and engaging deeply in the process, and that the District’s Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan (LCP) and Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) will help to inform the Strategic Plan. He also pointed out that our District is intentionally defining  what success means for students (see link to DRAFT Strategic Plan below). We are broadening the definition of success on the already existing academic excellence in SRVUSD.


Success means our students: ● Love to learn ● Appreciate the importance of teams and collaboration ● Develop curiosity, confidence and independence as learners ● Excel academically ● Experience social, emotional and physical health ● Demonstrate empathy and compassion ● Determine their purpose and understand the importance of service ● Set and achieve goals 


As the Plan continues to develop, much of the ongoing work of the District will continue, including:

  • Start the 21-22 school year differently and thoughtfully

  • Continue with Fastbridge and our work with Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

  • Continue to examine issues of access to the instruction, programs and interventions our students need

  • Provide facilitated equity learning opportunities for all staff

  • Implement the components of Responding to Discrimination and Hate Handbook

  • Strengthen our reporting mechanisms when issues of discrimination occur.


Strategic Directions:

Strategic Direction 1: Equity - SRVUSD will ensure that all students are empowered to reach their full potential by valuing student voice, addressing systemic inequities, and closing opportunity gaps.

Strategic Direction 2: Social Emotional Well-Being - SRVUSD is committed to creating and nurturing inclusive learning environments where all students, staff, and families feel deeply connected to their school community.

Strategic Direction 3: Deep Learning and Innovation - SRVUSD will create learning environments that empower students to take ownership over their learning in order for them to find purpose, meaning, and joy in their education and to excel in post-high school endeavors.

Strategic Direction 4: Shared Leadership - SRVUSD will create the conditions for shared leadership by building a culture of trust, collegiality, and shared responsibility with students, staff and families.

Strategic Direction 5: Effective Stewardship of Resources - SRVUSD will maximize resources including time, talent and finances, to advance our student success goals.

Strategic Direction 6: Culture of Responsiveness - SRVUSD will effectively serve all stakeholders by listening, responding to questions and concerns in a timely fashion, changing processes and practices when appropriate, and communicating the rationale for decisions so our students’ learning and social emotional well-being remain the focus of our efforts.


Dr. Malloy proposed a steering committee structure that would include additional committees focused on equity, social emotional well-being, and deep learning and innovation.


Next steps include gathering feedback on the draft of the Strategic Plan, LCAP and LCP.  Final copy of the Plan will be brought to the Board for adoption on June 15th.


View the Strategic Plan Presentation

View the DRAFT Strategic Plan

View the 2021-2024 LCAP

View the 2020-2021 LCP

Provide Feedback on the DRAFT Strategic Plan


Additional Stakeholder Input Results

Presentation by Superintendent Dr. John Malloy

As part of the process of collecting input and engaging stakeholders in conversations about what the District should consider as we move into summer 2021 and the 2021-22 fall reopening, the District solicited input using ThoughtExchange and during small group discussions as part of the Superintendent’s Task Force. The Task Force, including approximately 100 participants , met two times in May.  Some of what we learned during these meetings include:

  • Communications are important

  • Social media balance

  • Community engagement needs to continue

  • Concerns exist around students returning to school in the fall

  • There is a strong need to reconnect

  • Desire to heal divisiveness in the community

  • Consistency with curriculum, standards and grading

  • Equity, including programs, services, access, and safe and inclusive learning environments.


Two other questions were posed on the ThoughtExchange during the stakeholder engagement process:

  1. What should the District consider in order to ensure a smooth transition to the 2021-22 school year? 

  2. Please provide your input on how you think one-time monies should be prioritized to best support students. 


Some of the main themes that surfaced around these questions included smaller class sizes, increased student support, consistency across the district related to technology, bell schedules, grading and assessment, and safety.


Action Items/Public Hearings


Public Hearing for the proposed 2021-2024 Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP)

There was no public comment during the Public Hearing for this agenda item


Public Hearing for the proposed 2021-2022 District Budget

There was no public comment during the Public Hearing for this agenda item


Consideration of Adoption of the Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELO) Grant Plan

Presentation by Assistant Superintendent, Educational Resources Christine Huajardo and Chief Business Official, Greg Medici

As part of the Assembly Bill 86 COVID-19 relief package, the California Legislature provided $6.6 billion for educational funding. This funding included $4.6 billion for the Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELO) Grant and $2 billion for In-Person Instruction (IPI) Grants.  The SRVUSD is spending the ELO Grant money for the following purposes: Multi-tiered System of Support (MTSS), Elementary School Counselors, Student Supports provided by Classified Personnel, Class Size and Staffing Ratios, 2021 Summer School, Student Technology and Curriculum, and Continued COVID-related Health and Safety Initiatives. 


IPI Grants may be used for any purpose consistent with providing in-person instruction for any student participating in in-person instruction. Total funding expected for SRVUSD is $28,077,153 ($19,050,663 for the ELO Grant and $9,026,490 for the IPI Grant).


The Board voted 5-0 to approve the ELO Grant Plan.

More information about this item can be found in the video of the meeting at time stamp 1:38.


Consideration of Adoption of Resolution #75/20-21 , Authorizing the establishment of the Student Activity Special Revenue Fund - Fund 08

Presentation by Chief Business Official, Greg Medici

The Board voted 5-0 to approve the Student Activity Revenue Fund - Fund 08

More information about this item can be found in the video of the meeting at time stamp 1:44.


Discussion/Information Items


First Reading of New Administrative Regulation 4119.12, 4219.12, 4319.12 Personnel,  and AR 5145.71 Students - Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedures

Presentation by Assistant Superintendent, Christine Huajardo 

The complaint procedures set forth in this Administrative Regulation will be used to address any report of Title IX Sexual Harassment in a district education program or activity to the extent required by Title IX. 


Administration will bring forward this administrative regulation for approval at the next Board meeting on June 15, 2021.


Administrative Matters/Board Reports


Board members expressed excitement around the upcoming high school graduations and middle school promotions. They summarized recent activities including meetings with the racial/equity petitioners and San Ramon Valley Diversity Coalition, participation in Danville’s military recruit swearing-in ceremony and  StreetSmarts “Be Real” video contest event.


There was also a request to bring forward, at the June 15th Board meeting, a resolution acknowledging June as LGBTQ Pride Month, and to consider flying the Progress Pride Flag at the District Office, similar to many local school districts and municipalities.