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Rory O'Connor



Soccer: Men's

Soccer Winter Classic Champions

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For current information about Wildcat Mens Soccer Program


Fundraising for 2018-2019 season

Players and Parents:

We plan on participating in the eTeamSponsor again this season.  

Each player was asked to try and produce 10 names and email addresses of people who might want to support our program.  We will role it out to raise finds for new uniforms/jerseys and to help cover our program costs.

This fundraising campaign is not replacing the recommended voluntary donation amount of $310 per family playing soccer.  The campaign is meant to add to our budget to reach our goals that it takes to run a successful soccer program with three teams.  

We appreciate everyone's efforts in making this possible.

Coach Rory O'Connor

Parent Drivers

Plan on driving?? Unless you are cleared through the Be a Mentor website you will not be allowed to drive our student athletes.  Go to Be A Mentor and register today.  If you need help uploading your insurance declaration page or your drivers licence stop by the front desk at the school and we can help. 


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