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DVHS PTSA Staff Welcome Back Breakfast

Staff Welcome Back Breakfast - August - COMING SOON.

The DVHS Hospitality Committee coordinate potluck and/or catered meals and snacks for teachers and staff (e.g., welcome back breakfast/lunch, thanksgiving, winter holiday, multicultural, etc.) as a way to show our appreciation for our teachers and staff and support them as they partner with us to educate our children.

We invite you to please sign up and join us in helping us put on the best welcome back breakfast for our staff on August __. DVHS stands out among many other schools in the country because of our wonderful staff!

For information, to join the committee or to contribute, contact our Hospitality Committee leaders, Priyanka Marepally or  Javeria Syed.


It's a small way of passing on our gratitude on behalf of our parent community for:

  • Educating our children
  • Shaping the future generations
  • Giving our students much needed advice
  • Showing children the way when they are lost
  • Making sacrifices aplenty
  • Taking up the profession selfless
  • Letting us parents breathe easy