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SAT update for dvhs 11th grade students only

If you/your student is currently a junior enrolled at DVHS and would like to take the SAT but have not received a confirmation email from APTS,  SRVUSD has reopened the registration window from Friday, March 12 to Tuesday, March 16 @ 11:59pm.   This will be the only opportunity to submit a late registration and we will not accept registrations after the deadline. Please follow the link here to register through APTS. Once you have fully registered you will receive an email confirmation and receipt from APTS. Please be sure you enter your email correctly. 

** Please note, if you have registered through the College Board or see that you are taking the SAT on April 27 (on your CollegeBoard account) without registering through APTS, you are NOT registered to take the SAT at your local high school. You must register through the link above. and receive a confirmation email from APTS.

If you have questions please contact your high school SAT coordinator.

SAT Score Information

Thank you for participating in our SAT School Day program. I wanted to reach out to you to provide you an update regarding the release of the SAT scores by the CollegeBoard.

According to the CollegeBoard website, scores will be released anywhere from 2-4 weeks after the test administration date, October 27th.

CollegeBoard began loading the scores to the system starting November 19th and it is done in batches so students should check their CollegeBoard account over the next few days.  Students who took the SAT with Essay, those scores are set to be loaded into the system a week later, November 26th.

The CollegeBoard should be contacted if you have any further questions regarding SAT scores.