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SAT® registration is now closed for current SRVUSD 12th-grade students for the October 27, 2020 SRVUSD Test Administration.

We are pleased to host you on October 27th for the administration of the SAT School Day Test. Students absent from classes due to the SAT® will be recorded automatically as excused absences. 

Here is some important logistical information:

  1. Please go to,, and click on the test day checklist.  Please note you do not need a College Board admission ticket and ensure you have an approved calculator.  Also, you will need to wear your face mask at all times while you are on campus including during the test. Please note the length of the test and bring water or snacks as needed for your breaks. 
  2. The test time is:

    • Report to your school site no later than 9:00 AM and please maintain 6 feet social distancing and wear your mask. Please follow the arrival directions for YOUR TESTING SITE, noted below. Each site has specific arrival and check-in locations and specifics. 

    • Doors close at 9:30 AM 

    • 9:30 - 1:30 pm:  Pre-administration to end of SAT without essay

    • 9:30 - 2:40 pm:  Pre-administration to end of SAT with essay

  3. Morning of October 27 Self Health Check: 

    • Please complete this form acknowledging you will perform a self-health check on the morning of October 27.  Please review this self-health check and honestly answer the questions. Students who have not completed the form will not be allowed onto campus and into the testing room.

  4. Mask and Social Distancing Guidelines:

    • Students will wear a mask at all times while on the high school campus.

    • Students will maintain social distancing guidelines.

    • Any violation of the mask or social distancing guidelines may be subject to being sent home and disqualified from completing the SAT exam.

  5. DVHS Specific Logistics Information: DVHS Students are expected to arrive at campus between 8:45 and 9:00 am with the TICKET that corresponds to their test and their ID card. No ID card yet? You can bring your driver’s license or state ID. You will only be permitted to enter campus through your designated gate and the buildings through the designated door.


SAT School Day Testing Schedule



8:30 am

Staff to report to the facility. Materials distribution to staff. 

9:00 am

Staff ready in places.

9:00 - 9:30 am

Students report to the designated assembly area & admit to classrooms & collect electronic devices (if applicable).

9:30 am

Doors close in testing rooms. Begin pre-administration. 

10:15 am

Begin Testing.

1:30 pm

End of SAT without essay, (staggered dismissal)

2:40 pm

End of SAT with essay. (staggered dismissal)

3:30 pm

Staff released.