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Kerri Knampp
Mrs. Kerri Knapp

Teacher Librarian


Mrs. Allison Hussenet

Teacher Librarian


Mrs. Shirah McDonald

Library Media Coordinator



Library Closures

While we do our best not to close the library, there are typically a few times a week we need to, for a variety of reasons. We will try to update this page as often as possible in order to help students make plans.

Regular Hours:

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays: 7:30 - 4:30

Wednesdays: 9:00 - 4:30

Friday: 7:30 - 4:00


Library Hours for Feb. 17 - 21:

Monday, Feb. 17: Closed 

Tuesday, Feb. 18: Closed 

Wednesday, Feb. 19: Closed at Lunch

Thursday, Feb. 20: Closed at 4:30

Friday, Feb. 21: Closed at 4:00

Literary Calendar

American Sign Language

Click on the icon below to access an amazing website for learning American Sign Language. 


Haiku- Directions for how to log in.

Click HERE to get directions about how to log in to Haiku.


Library Catalog

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DVHS Amazon Wish List

Looking to support the library? Check out our Amazon Wish List! Items are updated regularly and will ship directly to the DVHS Library!

The link is HERE

Please include a note when checking out so that we can be sure to thank you when items arrive. 



DVHS is now using NOODLETOOLS instead of EasyBib. 

Here's what you need to do:

1. Click on link below (but finish reading these directions first!)

2. Click "register" to create your own account! 

3. The username and password are the SAME that we use for ALL our databases. (We can't post them online, so if you've forgotten, go see Mrs. Knapp.)

4. Start working! 

Use this for MLA, APA, and so much more! 

noodle tools

Library Closure Information

Plagiarism is a serious issue since it's basically theft. You cannot "borrow" or steal people’s ideas without giving proper credit. It does not matter if you accidentally plagiarize, or if you do it intentionally. If you don’t give credit where credit is due, you have plagiarized. End of story. You MUST cite sources within the body of your paper AND in your Works Cited. 

This link will take you to a quick video tutorial about the different types of plagiarism:

Need help with citations? Use these resources:



Purdue OWL

Mrs. Knapp in the Library

What happens if I am caught plagiarizing? School and district policy states:


Honest behavior is an expectation at DVHS. The purpose of the policy is to create and maintain an ethical academic atmosphere in which strong behavioral consequences will be enforced. Teachers also address cheating and plagiarism in their course policies. Counselors will be notified of the incident and it may be disclosed on a student’s college application. Staff will access to review plagiarism information taken from websites.

• Copying from another student

• Unauthorized collaboration on assignment (i.e. any assignment on which students collaborate must cite all students as contributors in the heading area of the assignment)

• Using unauthorized materials/resources (spark/cliff notes, cell phones, calculators, etc.)

• Submitting an essay written in whole or in part by someone else as one’s own

• Self-Plagiarism. Which is using your own work in its entirety or portions of a previously written text when creating new work. (Regardless of class/course or date created originally.)

• Preparing an essay or assignment for submission by another student

• Copying an assignment or essay or allowing one’s assignment or essay to be copied by someone else

• Using direct quotations, large sections or paraphrased material without acknowledgement

• Buying or selling essays or assignments

• Submitting whole or part of computer-generated documents or materials with or without minor modifications as one’s own

• If a student believes s/he has inadvertently accessed and/or benefitted from test or assignment materials, not distributed by the teacher of record, s/he must disclose this to a teacher or school official immediately

Consequences for Academic Dishonesty will include appropriate disciplinary measures consistent with Board policy and the California Education Code. One or more of the following consequences may occur. Disciplinary consequences will be cumulative for only the current school year per class and will be noted in students discipline file.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

1. Parent /Guardian contacted by teacher14

2. Referral to assistant principal for disciplinary consequences; parent/guardian will be notified.

3. Loss of all credit for the assignment or test with no makeup permitted.

4. Upon second violation of 2nd degree cheating within the same course, the student may be dropped from the class.

5. Monday School (3 hours)

6. Suspension from school

Cameron's Collection
Mental Health ebooks

Where'd the databases go?!?

Don't panic! 

We have a NEW link with TONS of databases for you! Click on "databases" link over on the left side of the screen. 


Shakespeare Research Help

JSTOR has a great resource for finding academic articles specific to Shakespeare plays. Click on the link below to access.


Lightbox Interactive eBooks

Check Out These Google Tools

It's best to use Google Chrome with the links below. A Google A Day definitely needs Chrome.
google arts
a google a day