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To click the DVHS Education Fund,link to donate.  The annual membership is $465 for individual or $800 per family.  If you would like to make a donation in any other amount, please click on the "Education Fund - Optional" 

Tax ID #: 65-1297028

DVHS Education Fund

DVHS Education Fund Purpose

DVHS Education Fund (formally known as Academic Boosters) is a special collaboration between the parents, administrators, teachers and students at DVHS.  Our goal is simple - to raise funds to provide the needed academic support of all Doughtery Valley High School students.

DVHS is one of the top public high schools in the nation.  We are consistenly rated at the top because of the amazing teachers, supportive administrators, dedicated staff and involved parents. As parents, we want our children to have the best academic experience possible and that is happening at DVHS every year.  Our school is able to provide reduced class sizes, AP classes and a host of honors and elective classes that continue to propell us to the top of the national school rankings. In addition, our school is able to provide students additional supplies and materials to further the classroom instruction.  But this can't happen unless we continue to have the financial support of DVHS parents.  In addition to what the DVHS Ed Fund already supports, we want to grow our fund to offer even more support to expand academic options to all students.  We will work hand in hand with DVHS administrators to make sure the academic goals of the school can be reached.

How are the DVHS Education Funds used?

  • Reduce Class Sizes: First, we reduce core academic class sizes (math, science, english) for all grades by purchasing additional sections from the district.  This year we have committed to fund 30 additional sections of classes.
  • Classroom Donations:  Second, once again, our fund is covering the cost of all classroom donations & supplies. What does this mean?  To put it simply, once school starts, you will not be getting a letter from your student's teachers asking for additional funds to cover the costs of needed classroom supplies.  We are now taking care of this.  Examples of supplies we funded last year include:
    • science kits
    • chemicals
    • dissection specimens
    • art supplies such as, clay, glaze and paint
    • subscriptions for English classes
  • Large Capital Purchases:  Third, Dougherty Valley High School is over 10 years old and that means aging equipment, furniture and technology. We want to support the school and students event more.  Goals include:
    • Increasing donations to make large capital purchases to replace aging equipment,
    • Ensuring that all students have access to the latest technology,
    • Bolstering the engineering and science departments by providing new classes, equipment and technology,
    • Growing the fine arts department by providing additional equipment and supplies.


Where your money was spent 2019-20

disbursements info

Last year we were able to fund a total of 29 classroom sections - reducing the number of students in core academic classes (English, Math, Science and Social Studies). This allowed for smaller classes and for students to be able to take a 7 period day.

It is important to note that, once again, parents were not asked by their student's teachers for additional funds to cover necessary classroom supplies. The Ed Fund was able to cover the cost of all supplies needed by teachers to teach the curriculum they planned last year.

The 2019-20 Major disbursements included:

  •    $324,104 for classroom sections

  •    $70,000 for classroom supplies

  •    $40,000 for Library furniture


How do we raise funds?

In order to raise the necessary funds, we are asking parents to contribute $465 per student or $800 per family.  If you're able to give more, additional contributions are always welcome, but contributions of ANY amount are gratefully received.  As the Education Fund benefits every student attending DVHS, we urge every family to give something - even if you presently are not able to give the full amount.

Mindful of the demands on your time and your wallet, the annual donation drive during registration is the only fundraiser we hold.  We don't hold an auction, car wash, meat sale or any other fundraisers during the year.  So your support at registration is critial to fullfilling our goals.

Your continued support and contributions will help sustain our school's tradition of academic excellence.  Thank you for your support

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DVHS Ed Fund Non-Profit ID

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DVHS Education Fund is a qualified nonprofit organization under IRS Section 501c3.

Tax ID #: 65-1297028

DVHS Education Fund

DVHS Education Fund is an affiliate of the San Ramon Valley Education Foundation.  For more information, visit