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srvusd hybrid model update

Effective January 5, 2021: 

  • Full Remote Learning will be offered for families who feel this is the right choice for their child and for their circumstance.
  • In-Person Hybrid Learning will be offered TK -12 for those who want their students to return to in-person and in-class instruction.
  • The remote program will remain the same, which is so very important to the many parents who shared their perspective. The hybrid model will be the equivalent of 2 days a week in person, one day per week of synchronous remote learning and 2 days of asynchronous time.


Declarations will be issued on November 6 and will be due to the district no later than November 13. We will hold a town hall meeting prior to declarations being submitted. Your declaration decision is binding for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year.

View the Board Presentation

View the October 27, 2020 Board of Education Meeting

View the Reopening Dashboard webpage and the Guide to Reopening for more details.

instructional model declaration

Instructional Model Declaration - Board Workshop and Town Hall

Help for Decision Making: Board Workshop/Town Hall

Thursday, November 5, 4:30 pm. The meeting will be live-streamed at the following link:

Youtube Link

We have scheduled a Board of Ed workshop this Thursday, November 5 at 4:30 pm to specifically address the declaration process. At this workshop, Dr. Malloy will present the Board Members with information about instructional models and the declaration process. The Board members will have an opportunity to ask questions and get clarifying information. Many of your questions will be answered during the workshop. Immediately following the Board Workshop, we will hold a Town Hall meeting. At this meeting we will use ThoughtExchange. You will be able to submit your questions in real time. Dr. Malloy and his staff will answer as many questions as possible during the Exchange. If we run out of time to answer all questions, we will post answers on our website.

Additional Decision-Making Resources:

When you receive the Declaration Form, you will receive links to resources that will aid you in making your decision. Here are just a few of the key points that we will be addressing:

  • What will Hybrid/Asynchronous look like
  • Why we have to begin in-person learning in a hybrid model
  • How remote learning will remain consistent with the present schedule
  • Videoconferencing - when/how it will be used
  • Health and safety protocols
  • Declaration Information, including how-to fill out the form, etc.
  • Teacher/schedule changes- neither model assures that you will keep your teacher(s)
  • Staffing challenges- we can’t staff a class of 15 so that children can come to school 5 days a week
  • Transitions- supporting students and staff with any changes to their class  
  • Sibling Schedule Coordination

What You Can Expect: Declaration Forms 

  • You will receive your declaration form via email on November 6th.
  • Forms are due back no later than November 13th.
  • You will receive and complete one declaration form per student.
  • Forms will be received and submitted electronically.
  • We will email the Form to both the primary and secondary email contacts listed in your Infinite Campus profile.

Help for Decision Making: Site-specific Webinars and Town Halls

During Declaration Week (November 9-13), principals will support their communities; look for information from Mr. Powell with details soon

independent study ap exam registration

The SRVUSD is pleased to announce that we will offer May 2021 AP exam-only testing seats to SRVUSD high school students who have taken AP courses through Independent Study. Registration will be open from November 3-8.

Independent Study AP Exam Ordering and Activation Process: 

Go to the SRVUSD Independent Study Exam Only Advanced Placement Registration and Ordering site and place an order between 11/3 - 11/8 only.

All tests will be administered at a secondary school in the SRVUSD (TBA). Upon placing an order, the default testing location will appear as Monte Vista High School. The actual testing site for Independent Study students will be determined at a later date and communicated to you. You may or may not be testing at your home high school.

In addition to paying for the exam on the SRVUSD ordering site, you must also use the join code provided as part of the registration process and register to activate your exam on the College Board My AP account page. For the AP Computer Science Principles Exam, SRVUSD can provide an exam seat for the question multiple choice exam only. If you need help/support with “the create performance task” submission, via AP digital portfolio, you must work with the organization where you took the computer science principle course.

SRVUSD cannot accommodate exams for the following AP courses.

  • AP 2-D Art & Design
  • AP 3-D Art & Design 
  • AP Drawing 
  • AP Seminar
  • AP Research

Please note: Independent Study AP students who have already registered and paid for an AP exam and have activated their exam during the regular/late registration and payment window (Aug-Oct. 30th), do not need to take any further action. Those registrations are complete.

You can email questions and concerns to: