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Principal's Message

September 13, 2020

Good Afternoon Everyone,

 The San Ramon Valley Education Foundation’s Run for Education begins soon. Although the Run is virtual this year, DVHS will be hosting a Run for Education day on Monday, October 5th. The purpose of this day is for families to do their walk/run in their neighborhood and show community support for the Education Foundation. You can show school spirit by wearing DV gear or a previous Run for Education shirt. DVHS is in a competition with Cal High and the school with the highest percentage of registrants per student enrollment will win! We are currently working out the details of what the losing Principal will have to do, since usually it involves being in person at the other school site. We hope you are able to sign up for the Run and participate!

 Here is some information from our College and Career Center:

Save the date! On October 13th, we will host our Financial Aid Night with information and updates to the Federal Aid Application, and other forms of aid for college. Geared primarily for senior parents, this event will be hosted by Cora Manuel, who has worked in financial aid for more than 20 years at the college level. Sign up here.

 There are unanswerable questions about the impact this year will have on college admissions, but the vast majority of colleges applications are viewed holistically, meaning they consider more than grades and test scores. Test optional doesn't mean that your test scores don't help, it means not having them can't hurt. Admissions officers are looking for ways to admit every applicant. They use the best of your information to represent you. Not having test scores, or not having the best scores you could have had, will be seen as neutral, not negative info. 

 Our student's opportunities may have shifted, but colleges are aware of this and are adapting as well. All our students can do now, is still all they could before this started; Simply do their best. Be creative in adapting extracurricular pursuits, and look for ways to help their community through the challenges we are facing. 

 9th grade students must register for School Loop using the email associated with their new school. For example, a former Gale Ranch student now at Dougherty Valley will need to be sure their new Dougherty Valley SRVUSD email is the email registered with School Loop. Students should go to our school’s login portal and click “Register Now.” They should register their email account for their new school. Here are additional instructions for students. All returning DVHS students and families should check to make sure you can log in as well. School Loop is being used for grade reporting by teachers.

 Students needing to pick up their Auxiliary Supplies for their classes can do so by coming to campus and visiting the Administration Office between the hours of 7:15 am and 3:45 pm daily. If your student still needs a textbook, or needs to exchange one, please fill out this form. Your student will get an email when the textbook is ready for pick-up.

 Don’t forget that Monday, September 14th is an Odd Block Day and Tuesday, September 15th is a District Professional Development Day and students will follow the normal Monday bell schedule.


Evan Powell



September 6, 2020

 We are one month into school and it has been wonderful seeing our students engaging with one another, showing their knowledge through assignments and verbal discussions, and having personal conversations to better get to know each other. One thing I have learned since starting school is that everyone has been affected by the Pandemic in different ways, yet the care and concern in supporting each other still exists. I have enjoyed the meetings I have participated in with different groups of students and have gained insight into their lives and how we can support students in these unusual times.

 As we evaluate the first month of school, I wanted to share some of the common comments that we have received:

  •  Students are on social media or playing video games during the school day. Parents, unfortunately we cannot see everything that happens in a student’s learning environment; however, you can remove cell phones or game consoles and restrict settings within your internet/device to keep students focused and engaged during the school day.


  • My student has so much homework and it seems like all they do is spend time in front of the computer. Our teachers are aware of the homework policy and have discussed this in their classes. As a reminder, Honors and AP classes do not fall under the Homework Policy and when students take 3-6 of these classes, their workload is significantly increased. Please have your student communicate regularly with their teacher so we can better understand what is taking place.


  • When will students start receiving more timely grades? SRVUSD sent out a communication yesterday regarding grading. Teachers will be using School Loop or Power School for their gradebook. Official grade reporting (progress reports, quarter, and semester grades) will be accessed through Infinite Campus as has been done in past years. Teachers will be using Google Classroom as the main hub to distribute, collect, and interact with students. As teachers take the time necessary to transition to the new gradebook, we respectfully request that you allow teachers the time it will take to make this change and understand that some teachers may not have grades posted in School Loop right away. Please note, DVHS strives to update grades every two weeks, and we plan to continue this once our gradebooks are fully operational. 


  • My student is sitting all day, how can I get them to move around more? All of us are facing this challenge during the school day. It is important for flexibility breaks throughout the day and to find opportunities to stand when doing school work or in classes. For example, when a teacher transitions from synchronous instruction to asynchronous instruction, a student can walk around their house or perform stretching exercises. When there are passing periods and breaks, students are encouraged to get outside and walk. Everyone needs to be mindful of this and make it a priority to find time to get movement into their day.


  • My student has connectivity issues periodically. Please call the attendance line (925-479-6400) to report your student’s connectivity issue and have your student email their teacher to let them know they’re absent due to a connectivity issue.


 As parents, we need to work together in supporting our students before they transition out of high school. High school entails much more than studying and academics, it involves a social atmosphere and learning responsibility through decision making. A commitment I have to you is to provide you resources and information that supports the “hard conversations” that are needed with teenagers. 

 In recent times, students everywhere have their private direct messages and /or photos shared without permission and engage with each other using vulgar language. This happens at Dougherty Valley every year. I would like to share the Common Sense Media resource page for families regarding cell phones and social media. It is crucial that you have honest conversations with your child about the dangers of sharing inappropriate photos and /or messages to anyone, even someone your student says they trust. Sadly, we are all too aware of how a trusted exchange can end up hurting the people involved. I do believe the capabilities of a phone and social media are wonderful; however, our teenagers need to understand there are consequences when they are not used appropriately. 

 Students needing to pick up their Auxiliary Supplies for their classes can do so by coming to campus and visiting the Administration Office between the hours of 7:15 am and 4:00 pm daily. If your student still needs a textbook, or needs to exchange one, please fill out this form. Your student will get an email when the textbook is ready for pick-up.

 Yearbooks from 2019-2020 are almost here! We should have a status update next week from the production factory, including tracking information. Once we have that information, we will schedule a time for pick-up. 

 We know our students miss their library, so the DVHS Library is going to begin “Curbside Checkout” in the next couple weeks. Students will be able to place books on hold and pick them up from the Teacher Librarians at the front of school during designated times. They will send out information on this next week. 

 The Run for Education is coming up! Please sign up and participate for your health and support of our schools! 

 Lastly, please take part in the ThoughtExchange (for computers) or ThoughtExchange (for mobile devices) that SRVUSD sent out yesterday to provide feedback and help guide us moving forward with Remote Learning.

 We sincerely appreciate your support towards DVHS. We hope you have an enjoyable three-day weekend.



 Evan Powell



Traffic & safety rules at DVHS

Dear Dougherty Valley High School Families,

As our community grows, our goals are to continue positive safety efforts and to adhere to civic codes. Please review the following safety rules:


Fire lanes MUST BE CLEAR AT ALL TIMES and are not to be used for pick- up or drop-off. This is considered a civil code violation.


▪ Bicyclists must WALK their bikes while on campus.

▪ Bicyclists should not ride on sidewalks, or weave in between cars. Bicycles must be locked up in the designated bike rack areas during the school day.


▪Skateboards are not to be ridden on campus.

▪ Skateboard racks are available in the bike corral located behind the Career Tech Building (next to Library).

▪ If not utilizing the skateboard rack, skateboards must be kept in student locker all day or may be left in the campus monitors’ office.


The parking lot under the solar panels is closed to ALL drop-off traffic. Only vehicles displaying a valid parking permit or those individuals needing to park and visit the office will be allowed to enter this area.

▪ Visitor spots are located in the third row of the lot.

▪ If you are dropping off a student and NOT parking, please enter the school at the driveway marked with a "D" in the diagram below. All drop-off traffic will be routed to the drop-off loop, which has been designed to handle a large volume of vehicles in a short amount of time.

▪ Students and others who are parking should enter the school at the signal at the intersection of Albion Way and Arrowfield Way, which is marked with a "P" in the diagram.

▪ Additionally, parents and students should not be using the fire lane alongside the Performing Arts Center. This fire lane is meant for emergency vehicles and staff vehicles to access the rear parking lot. Please refrain from entering the fire lane designated with an "S" in the diagram below.

Parking Lot

V=Venture School entry, not for DVHS drop-off    

P=parking entry     D=drop off loop entry     S=staff parking and emergency vehicle access



▪ Pedestrians should always use the crosswalk to cross streets and driveways. Wait when the "red hand” signal is flashing.

▪ Students should remove headphones, put away cell phones, and listen and look both ways before crossing streets.

▪ Vehicles should follow all posted traffic rules, including speed limits, no cell phones, and turning prohibitions. Pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way.

▪ U-turns are illegal on Albion Way. The San Ramon Police Department has assured the school that they will be patrolling this area more heavily as we implement these changes.

▪ Using neighborhood streets as a drop-off point endangers residents and students and is subject to ticketing by the SRPD.  Please respect and keep our surrounding neighborhoods safe by adhering to all legal speed limits and driving regulations.

▪ NO PARKING, NO DROP-OFF OR PICK-UP in front of the main gym.

▪ NO DVHS PARKING at Venture School.

▪ Please keep the intersections and roadways on and off campus clear so traffic flows smoothly..

Our main goal is to ensure safe travel for students to school each day whether that be on foot, by car, or via bicycle. THANK YOU for your attention to these details as you visit Dougherty Valley High School. Have a wonderful day and school year!

Be safe,

DVHS Administration & SRPD Officer Katie Williams (DVHS School Resource Officer)