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Reflections Art Program

2019-2020 Reflections art Program theme

Reflections Look WithinReflections Arts Categories2019-20 Theme: Look Within

Look Within is the 2019-20 Reflections Theme! Join us on the Reflections Adventure of the Soul as we all "Look Within". Spring and summer are PERFECT times to participate in the Reflections program. For more information on the general rules, visit the CAPTA site. Check back here in August for deadlines.

Perfect for those "Mom or Dad, I'm bored", summer days. Encourage your students to participate and hand out some art materials, camera, bundled up energy and tell them "What does 'Look Within' mean to you?"

2018-19 Reflections Art Program Showcase

Congratulations to the winners of the 2018-19 DVHS Reflections Art Program:

Sejal Govindarao - 1st 
Abby Yuan - 2nd
Stella Lin - 3rd
Akanksha Ravi - Honorable mention 
Mahika Arya - Honorable mention

Elizabeth Schwarz - 1st
Tristan Guerrero - 2nd
James Tian - 3rd
Mlkhail Melaku - Honorable Mention 
Evgeniia Sukhodolskaia - Honorable Mention 

Saige Headley - 1st
Shaheer Sandhu - 2nd
Valerie Huizar - 3rd
Olivia Hamm - Honorable Mention 
Rhea Farrior - Honorable Mention 

Shiksha Sharma - 1st
Kory Zhang - 2nd
Bryan Mui - 3rd

Young Kwon - 1st