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Sister School Program

sister school Toy Drive

Make a difference! We Need Your Help! DVHS PTSA and DVHS Community Outreach Leadership Committee are pleased to host the Annual Sister School Toy Drive. Please help us support our Sister School, Futures and Community United Elementary Schools in Oakland.

Please help us support the Sister School Toy Drive. The students at our sister school are in elementary -- so please consider their age in gift giving. There are 617 boys and girls -- so please give generously and focus on NEW "toys". The request was that we NOT include books (not a toy) or toy weapons (not appropriate) and puzzles are not ideal either (especially if they are difficult given the ages of the kids).

You can donate toys starting November 1st at DVHS (drop off bins outside of office). Our drive will continue until December 10.

You can shop anywhere or use the Amazon Wishlist to shop.

Thank you for your support and generosity!

For questions, contact the DVHS Leadership Community Outreach committee to DVHS PTSA.