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Registration Steps

  1. SRVUSD Annual Update (see information below)

  2. School Registration Process (see information below)

  3. If you volunteer at an SRVUSD school and your information has changed, visit the Volunteer Management Svstem to make updates.


SRVUSD Annual Update

San Ramon Valley Unified parents are asked to complete an online “Annual Update” to verify household and emergency contact information and complete the annual release acknowledgement and permission requirements.

Complete the District Online Annual Update using your Parent Portal in Infinite Campus.

The Annual Update window for the 2019-20 school year is scheduled to open on Thursday, June 20th for Dougherty Valley High School. Complete the district online Annual Update using your Parent Portal in Infinite Campus. To begin the process, click on the Annual Update link located in the bottom left corner of your Welcome page titled “Online Enrollment Annual Update”.

Only one Annual Update is required for each family at a primary address. You will receive a confirmation email following completion of the Annual Update process.

If you have questions about the Annual Update Process, please visit the Annual Update FAQs.

Don’t remember your user name or password?  Did you set up your security questions and options?  If so, you can recover this yourself.  If not, please send an email to to have them help you out!  Do this now to avoid delays in August!

Don’t have a portal account yet?  Contact your student’s school office (open July 29) to request your unique user key to set up an account.  It’s fast and easy.


DVHS Registration

All registration will take place online; there will not be walk-through registration days as in past years.

The DVHS Webstore "Wildcats Days" offers you the opportunity to purchase the ASB package for $210.  The ASB package bundles several items to save you money.  It includes the yearbook (a $125 value), an ASB T-shirt ($10 value), a Homecoming T-shirt ($10 value), free admission to all home athletic EBAL games (up to a $75 value), $10 discount on all dances and some events, and discounts on Prideline spirit wear.  This is a limited time offer, so don't miss out!  The purchase of this package also supports our student newspaper, the Wildcat Tribune. 

If you want to use a locker this year, please complete the locker request form.  All lockers are shared by 2 students.  After registration closes, all responses are processed on a first-come-first-serve basis and your locker is assigned as close to your preferences as possible. If you have specified a locker mate, please ensure that the spelling of both your name and your locker mate's name is correct and that your locker mate is in the same grade as you.  An email with your assigned locker number/partner will be sent to the address you will provide below after locker registration closes on August 2.

Returning students, please remember to bring the lock that was loaned to you by DVHS; if it has been lost, it can be replaced through the Webstore for a $10 fee.  Any non-DVHS issued lock will be removed from lockers.  Freshmen will receive their locks during orientation on August 8. 


Registration links:

Wildcat Webstore Wildcat Days Registration:  Click the items you'd like to add to your shopping cart (e.g. PE clothes, etc.).  Make all donations in the same shopping cart (ASB package, PE uniforms, Ed Fund, Booster memberships, PTSA, technology, library, etc.).  Credit cards and debit cards are accepted through the Wildcat Webstore.

Shared locker registration


Registration notes:

Freshman & new student orientation is scheduled for August 8 from 10 a.m. - 12 noon in the large gym.  Students in grades 9-11 will have their student ID/class photo made during the first week of school.  Student IDs for the senior class will be printed using the photo from their junior year at DVHS.  Special note to seniors:  Because we have your photo from last year, your ID card will be printed in early August before grades 9-11 have their photos made.  If you intend to purchase the money-saving ASB package, please do so by August 7 to ensure that your 2019-20 ID card is stamped with the “ASB” designation.

Textbook distribution will begin during the first week of school.  


*The registration website is not sponsored by the school. Information provided on this website may be available to Parent Teacher Associations and other educational benefit foundations, as well as school personnel, as required.



Visit the Volunteer Management Svstem to update your information or to register to volunteer if you have not done so previously.