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Contra Costa Crisis Center

Contra Costa Crisis Center:

Available  24/7

Crisis & Suicide: 


or text HOPE to 20121





The Wildcat Way Podcast

Wildcat Way Podcast

Student Resources

Need Technology Support?

If you are having technology issues with your District Device or Login  please submit a Helpdesk Ticket 

New or Returning Students

 If you are having issues getting into your School Accounts please click the link to access the Student Login and Password Support Guide

Student Wi-Fi

District Provided Chromebooks

  •  All of the devices are set up on the SRVUSD-INST Network.  If the device does not Automatically connect, do the Following:
    • Select: SRVUSD-INST

    • If it asks for a password type in the following:  YRless4@ll

Student's Personal Devices (including computers and phones)

  • Personal Devices can be connected to SRVUSD-BYOD Network.
    • Select: SRVUSD-BYOD

    • Username: STUDENTS\(students username which is their studentid) example: STUDENTS\234567

    • Password:  This will be the same password they use to log into their Google and Schoology accounts.

Attention Seniors and Students Leaving District

In order to keep access to all the hard work and projects you’ve created at school, you must download and/or transfer any data you wish to keep to a personal account. This must be done before the last day of school to ensure you will continue to have access to your files and projects after you leave. On the day after Graduation, or otherwise exiting our District, you will no longer have access to these files, including email, Google Drive, Adobe and Microsoft online projects and files. Please see below for the tools available to you to assist with migrating your data you wish to keep after you leave. 

For Google Drive and Gmail : Use Google Takeout Transfer - You will need to have a personal google ( or account) to transfer files to before you begin. To transfer your gmail and Drive files you will want to go to Google Takeout. This will transfer a copy of your files, originals will still be in your school account. 

If you have other Google content (other than what is in Drive and Gmail), to download and import into a personal google account, go to Google Takeout and select the items you wish to download from your school account. This site will not automatically transfer your files so you will need to be prepared to import these other files types into your personal account. You can save the files to a USB or locally on a personal computer for import later, however, it does not have to be done at the same time as the download. 

Here is a great Video to help Guide you through the Google Data Transfer/Download process

For Adobe Creative Cloud Projects and Items: With Adobe’s Student Asset Migration site, you can easily transfer your Adobe Creative Cloud content and projects from a school account ( to a personal Adobe Account. If you don't already have a free, personal, Adobe account, you will need to create one before you begin the migration process. Using the Migration tool will allow you to have ongoing access to your files and projects you’ve worked so hard creating. These items might include, Adobe Photoshop Images, Illustrator graphics, Spark Pages, Portfolio websites, or Profiles. 

To start the migration process for Adobe Creative Cloud  go to Please note once the migration process is complete it cannot be undone. This moves the files from your school account to your personal, files will no longer be accessible in your school account after Migration. 

Here is more information about using Adobe’s Student Asset Migration tool.

For Microsoft OneDrive Files (Office Online Files, and other files you may be backing up to OneDrive): Microsoft, now partnered with Mover allows you to move/transfer your school OneDrive files to a personal OneDrive/Microsoft account. To start transferring your files, you must first have created a personal Microsoft account. Once you create or if you already have a personal Microsoft Account you can go to App Mover choose “Sign in with MIcrosoft”

Here is some additional information about using the Microsoft Mover program to move your files

Microsoft Mover transfers a copy of your files to your personal account, the originals will remain in your school account. 

Changing Your School Account Password

Students can change their passwords by logging into  If you try to change your password using any other system it will not work. 

*You can use the link above from any device that has an internet connection using a web browser this includes, Macbooks, Phones, Chromebooks, etc...

Student Handbook

Click here to access Student Handbook.