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Contra Costa Crisis Center:

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The Wildcat Way Podcast

Wildcat Way Podcast

Student Resources

Students Leaving SRVUSD

Seniors/Students leaving our District at the end of this school year may wish to take their Google, Adobe and Microsoft OneDrive work with them when they go. Please see below for information on resources available to users to do so. 

Student accounts are disabled the last day of school. 

To prevent loss of data, students should be sure to move any data using the below mentioned methods before their accounts are disabled/deleted. 

Google Data -

To transfer your school Google Data to your personal, non-school issue gmail account, use GoogleTakeOut . Keep in mind that storage space limitations vary depending on your personal subscription type.

Microsoft OneDrive Data -

Use their recommended application "Mover" to get your data moved from your school account to your personal account. Keep in mind that storage space limitations vary depending on your personal subscription level. 

Adobe Data -

Using Adobe's Asset Migration tool, you can move your Adobe data and projects from your school account to your personal Adobe Account. 

Changing Your School Account Password

Be aware that students can only change their passwords by logging into or by logging onto a School PC.  If you try to change your password using any other system it will not work. 

Below are instructions for changing Students School Account Password.

Click on the link to change password using The Portal.

*You can use the portal from any device that has an internet connection using a web browser this includes, Macbooks, Phones, Chromebooks, etc...

Click on the link to change password using a School PC.

Student Handbook

Click here to access Student Handbook.

Wireless Network Access

Wireless Network and Access

Student personal devices may only connect to the SRVUSD-BYOD wireless network.

Students must use the following log-in:

Username = STUDENTS\Username   

  Example:  dh.gwashington

Password = School computer log-in password

All wireless network users may be required to accept the wireless certificate. Some may also be required to download some security software. Following all instructions will connect your device, unless the device has installed software to prevent connecting (parental controls etc.).

Seniors who wish to keep data they have in their School Google Accounts will need to transfer/archive their data using Google Takeout!

Seniors will have 30 Days after graduating to transfer/archive their data before it is deleted from the systems.

Click on the link for instructions detailing how to transfer/archive your School Google Accounts.

Did you miss today's Announcements?

Click here for the text of DVHS morning announcements.

Student Drop-In Tutoring!

Need Help? Want Tutoring?

Sign up for drop in tutoring on Wednesday and Thursday @ Access in Room 1205.

Password Resets

Password Reset: Click HERE to submit a request for your Computer, Google, or Schoolloop Password Reset. 

*After getting your passwords reset, If you have problems logging in to your Accounts you can go to the Library during Brunch and Lunch.  Ms Butler is there to help with issues you may have with logins.

Are you new to SRVUSD?

Are you Brand New to the San Ramon Valley Unified School District?  Would you like information on how to access your School Accounts?

Click Here on Instructions for accessing your DVHS School Accounts.  

*You will need to have your School ID.  If you do not yet have a School ID you will need to wait till you receive this information to access your accounts.