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Student Awards

PTSA Wildcat Star Awards

The Wildcat Star Awards are presented to students who are nominated by staff members for making a difference at DVHS.  The awards are based on attitude, work ethic, commitment and integrity.  You will learn which teacher or staff member nominated your student when you arrive at the ceremony.  The awards are posted on the walls of the Commons along with a photo of your student and a brief message from the nominating staff member.  This is our most popular and well-attended event of the year.  If your student is nominated, you won’t want to miss it! This year's Star Awards will be on Wednesday, May 27, at 7:00 pm in the Commons.

Academic Awards Program

The Academic Awards Program is sponsored by the Education Fund to recognize students for their academic achievements. Students receive recognition for the consecutive semesters in which they receive a grade point average of 3.5 or above.  Students receive recognition based on the total number of consecutive semesters overall as indicated below (see below).  All classes count toward the grade point average.

  • One, two & three semesters – Certificate
  • Four semesters – Certificate and DV Block Letter & Torch Lamp Patch
  • Five semesters – Certificate and Honor Pin
  • Six semesters – Certificate and Academic Pin
  • Seven semesters – Certificate and Academic Patch
  • National Merit Scholar Finalist – Plaque (presented at the Senior Awards Ceremony)

Eligibility for this year's Academic Awards

Please note that the maximum number of semesters that a senior can accumulate is 7.

Freshmen can only earn one semester their freshman year.


Academic Awards will be distributed in their English classes in May. Please check your transcript for more information. 

Students must fill out this form by March 1 in order to receive a printed award certificate. 

Moving UP Awards

In an effort to recognize students who strive to improve their academic performance but do not meet the 3.5 minimum GPA for an Academic Award, we have created the “Moving Up” award. This recognition will go to students who are below the Academic Award cut-off of 3.5 GPA but have raised their GPA by .5 or more, from one semester to the next. The Moving UP awards will be distributed in Access in May.